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Analog Computation Corp is a U.S. defense contractor with partners throughout North America and the EU. We focus on the design and development of multi-chip modules implementing application specific super Turing analog hybrid (analog/digital) turnkey machines for use in space, defense and commercial industrial applications. Our focus is development of analog systems that convert quantum and digital calculations into efficient analog circuits. This enables a high artificial intelligence that we refer to as adaptive AI. View article in Circuit Insight.

View article in Circuit Insight (Electronics Assembly Knowledge, Vision & Wisdom) discussing our colleague Dr. Hava Siegelmann’s breakthrough super Turing work.

Our analog super Turing machine computation utilizes non-computable real numbers that are combined with new adaptive non-deterministic analog device circuits and III-V composite semiconductors. The result is multi-chip module SiP machines implementing III-V ultra high performance solutions to DoD and industry challenges.

Machines are developed using our company proprietary automated III-V SiP semiconductor process engineering synthesis technology. Our turnkey SiP solutions are fabricated using III-V U.S. and EU semiconductor process foundries and partners. We excel at mission critical module development solving the most complex space and defense application challenges for both the U.S. and the EU.